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More medical and dental exams proposed

Introduced by Representative Rosita Youngblood, House Bill 30 would change the grade levels at which students receive medical and dental examinations. Since Pennsylvania's home education law requires students taught at home to receive the same health and medical services required for public school students, this legislation would change the law for both groups of students.

Digesting the metaphor

I was reading the story of Chief Logan, a Native American from Pennsylvania, to my 9-year-old son. The chief had been kind to the white settlers until some white men murdered several of his near relatives. He killed approximately 30 whites in revenge. Logan said, "I have two souls-the one good, the other bad. When the good soul rules, I am kind and merciful; when the bad soul rules, I am savage and delight in nothing but blood."

I asked my son if this story reminded him of anything. He paused, then said, "Yes, a cow."

"A cow?" I asked him, puzzled.

"Yes," he said, "because they have two stomachs."

- Susan Miller
Linden, PA

Current law requires that home school students receive a medical examination and comprehensive appraisal of their health upon original entry into school, while in the 6th grade, and while in the 11th grade. H.B. 30 would mandate medical exams when the child begins the home education program, while in the 5th grade, while in the 8th grade, and while in the 11th grade.

Dental examinations are now required at the time of entry into the home education program, while in the 3rd grade, and while in the 7th grade. H.B. 30 would add a dental examination while in the 10th grade.

Home School Legal Defense Association is monitoring this legislation for any amendments that would invade the privacy of home schooling families. — Dewitt T. Black