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I tried to explain the time zones to my children. Using a globe, I explained that while it's morning here, it's evening on the other side of the globe. "Even here in America, there are different time zones. For instance, it's 9 o'clock here in Oklahoma, but only 7 o'clock in California. Why do you suppose that is?"

My 8-year-old daughter replied, "We must be having more fun, because our time flies faster!"

- Jill Higgins
Newalla, OK

An anonymous complaint alleged that a home schooled child was being spanked and confined to her home, and that her mother was using drugs. The Tulsa office of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services demanded to interview this Home School Legal Defense Association member mother and her daughter.

Wanting to be sure of her rights, the mother asked HSLDA for advice. We advised her discuss the allegations with Human Services personnel, but to decline permission for the daughter to be interviewed, which she did.

Apparently, this advice was effective-the family was relieved to find a letter from the agency in their mailbox, stating that the allegations of the complaint were not confirmed and that the case was concluded. — Scott A. Woodruff