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Fall River goes head-over-heels for meetings

A Fall River Home School Legal Defense Association member family recently received a letter approving their home school plan. The letter of approval was accompanied, however, by a demand that the parents attend a mid-year meeting to review samples of the student's work, a year-end meeting to review the second half of the year, and a beginning of the year meeting in August or September. There is no statute or judicial decision that gives blanket approval for a school system to demand a meeting. Unfortunately, meetings have sometimes been used to intimidate or harass home school parents. If the school system has a legitimate need for information, this can be obtained through appropriate written correspondence, thus avoiding the opportunity for the harassment or intimidation that can occur in a face-to-face meeting.

As the Fall River situation illustrates, if a school district believes it can insist upon a meeting, there is little to hold it back from insisting on multiple meetings. HSLDA has advised school officials that the family does not wish to attend any of the meetings, but will respond appropriately to any written requests for information. — Scott A. Woodruff