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Crown Point insists on notice of intent

A Crown Point Home School Legal Defense Association member family recently met with the principal of their son's elementary school to explain why they were going to begin educating their son at home. Shortly thereafter, the school secretary called, informing them that, in order for the son to be removed from the school's computer, the parents must sign some forms.

Get your story straight!

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- Sandi Hague Berne, IN

The family contacted the Crown Point Community School Corporation and were told that they must sign three forms: "Home School Registration," "Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction," and "Substantiation of Length of School Year." However, under Indiana law, it is not necessary for a family to fill out any form in order to educate one's children at home. Knowing this fact, this family immediately called HSLDA.

We contacted the chief operating officer for the Crown Point Community School Corporation and explained that it was not lawful to insist that a family fill out these forms. At the end of the discussion, he assured us that the school corporation would change its practice and no longer attempt to require families to fill out these forms. — Scott A. Woodruff