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Cosmetology hang-up avoided

Iowa Regulations § 645 IAC 60.2(c) requires that a person wishing to obtain a cosmetology license "present to the Department a high school diploma or its equivalent." Executive Director of the Board of Cosmetology Examiners of Iowa Sharon Cooke recently contacted Home School Legal Defense Association, asking what documentation should be required when a student who has been educated at home applies for a cosmetology license.

We explained to her that neither the local school district nor the Iowa Department of Education documents the completion of a home school program, or places any requirements on a student graduating from a home school program.

HSLDA advised Cooke that appropriate documentation would be a simple statement from the parents to the effect that the applicant has successfully completed a high school program of "competent private instruction" at home. Where a home school program has been supervised by a licensed teacher, the supervising teacher may also supply a simple statement.

The Board of Cosmetology proceeded with this recommendation, and a cosmetology license was issued to the home school student in question. — Scott A. Woodruff