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Compulsory attendance creeps lower

Representative Marion Pickens of the Arizona House of Representatives has introduced House Bill 2153, an attempt to lower compulsory school age.

Current law mandates that a child must be enrolled in school beginning at age six, but Rep. Pickens' bill would lower the age to five. Home School Legal Defense Association believes that parents, not the government, can best decide when their children are ready to begin formal schooling. Many five year olds are simply too young to be forced into an educational setting. In addition, this would create unnecessary paperwork for home schooling parents and school districts-affidavit or waiver forms would have to be filed a full year earlier.

Home schoolers should resist this attempt to add more government control over parents' decisions on how to raise their children. For information on how to contact your state legislator, HSLDA members can use the Legislative Toolbox on our website. — Darren A. Jones