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N O T E S   T O   M E M B E R S

New benefit: Third party custody challenges

In custody cases brought by a non-parent (i.e. grandparent or other relative) where home schooling is a material part of the basis of the challenge, HSLDA will provide members with defense for the home schooling component of the case. We will also provide representation in cases where the third party is seeking termination of a parent's right to home school.

Something that hasn't changed

A new millenium, a new president, a new Congress, a new year . . . The one thing in life that's constant is change, so they say. But something has remained constant for 15 years-HSLDA's membership fee. We are grateful that we have not had to raise dues even though inflation continues to increase at three percent a year, our staff has increased to 60 full- and part-time employees, and member benefits continue to expand.

However, HSLDA's membership growth rate has slowed during recent years. We currently serve more than 65,000 members out of an estimated 500,000 home schooling families nationwide.

You can help us keep our membership dues the same by participating in our Three-for-Free program. Simply distribute the membership applications attached in the January/February Court Report to your home schooling friends who are not HSLDA members. As an incentive to your friends, they will receive a free book if you refer them. If three of your friends join HSLDA, you will receive a FREE one-year membership renewal. This membership promotion is effective through December 31, 2001.

If you need additional applications to distribute, please contact our office at 540.338.5600, or go to on our website.

Thanks again for being a part of HSLDA and standing with us for family and freedom!

Chuck Hurst

Director of Membership