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New Jersey
New policy improves regulations

New Jersey law allows a child to "receive equivalent instruction elsewhere than at school." On April 30, 1997, the New Jersey Department of Education issued the infamous "Klagholz guidelines," advising school districts how to deal with home schoolers, and to make demands above and beyond the law upon home schooling parents. Districts across the state obligingly-and often unknowingly-gave home schoolers a hard time.

In October 1999, HSLDA and the Education Network of Christian Home Schoolers of New Jersey met with department officials to ask that a task force be appointed to rewrite the department's policy. The request was granted. In September 2000, a new policy statement was issued, clarifying that no notice of intent is necessary; that parents are not required to submit an outline of curriculum to the local superintendent; and that home schooling in and of itself is not evidence of a violation of the compulsory education law. This breakthrough has dramatically improved the home school atmosphere in New Jersey.