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Intimidation of Home Schooling Families

In September, shortly after the beginning of the school year, the Columbiana School District asked a local juvenile court employee to begin calling home schooling families. The worker was told to ask whether or not the family had already submitted their notice of intent to home school for the 2000-01 school year. Needless to say, this unauthorized tactic was very intimidating for a number of home schoolers.

Home School Legal Defense Association wrote a letter to the superintendent immediately, demanding that he cease all such attempts to intimidate home schooling families. We pointed out that Ohio law does not set any deadline for families to notify, nor does it ever suggest that a superintendent may make random calls to ascertain whether or not a particular family is in compliance with the law.

Ohio member families should contact HSLDA immediately if any school district attempts to intimidate them by tactics such as this. — Darren A. Jones