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One More Driver on the Road

A Home School Legal Defense Association family in Muhlenberg County recently ran into difficulty obtaining a driver’s permit for their son. The county clerk requested that they get a form from the local public school district certifying that their child was enrolled in a “home study” program. The parents, knowing that this was not required under the law, contacted HSLDA immediately.

HSLDA wrote to the county clerk, informing her that home schools in Kentucky are considered private schools. Public school districts have no authority to monitor private schools, and requiring the district to sign a form certifying that the student was enrolled in a “home study” program would require the district to exceed its authority. HSLDA explained that a statement from the parent that the student is enrolled in a private school is sufficient.

Faced with these clear facts and a family who knew their rights under the law, the court clerk accepted a signed statement from the family, and their son received his permit. — Darren A. Jones