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a contrario sensu

Not Just Skin Deep

The last nine weeks of school, my son Reuben and I tackled his 4th grade health book. Reuben is 10 years old and health doesn’t really excite him too much . . . or so I thought.

One day, he got a splinter in his hand and was trying to remove it by himself. He exclaimed, “For Pete’s sake, Mom, this splinter went clear into my dermis!”

Rene Woods
Arma, Kansas

Be Prepared

When a central Kansas family joined Home School Legal Defense Association, they thought they would never need our services. Nonetheless, the family taped our regular and emergency phone numbers on the back of their front door, “just in case.”

“Just in case” happened one hot August day when a social worker and a policeman knocked on this family’s door, demanding entry. Words can scarcely describe the anxiety a parent feels when this happens. The parents thought clearly, however, and promptly called HSLDA on their cordless phone.

a contrario sensu

A Sesquipedalian in Training

Trying to sound as grown up as his older sister, my younger brother has been incorporating multi-syllable words into his vocabulary—sometimes with humorous results. Here are some of his funnier attempts:

When told to “go lay an egg,” he replied, “I can’t! That’s ‘generically’ impossible!”

When admonishing another person for being lazy, he told him, “Here’s a ‘novice’ idea: Get back to work!”

Jill Glanville
Wichita, Kansas
While negotiating over the phone for an hour with the officials outside the door, the HSLDA attorney learned that someone had filed an anonymous hot line report against the family. The caller claimed that the mother spent days in bed and did nothing for her children. Furthermore, the report alleged that the children were hungry all the time, the two older boys were forced to carry adult responsibilities and not allowed to play, the family home schooled their children, the children had not been in school for six months, and the children had no social skills. In the end, all of these frivolous allegations were shown to be false, and the social worker and policeman left the premises without entering the home.

Preparation paid off for this family. Because they kept HSLDA’s phone number in an accessible spot and called us immediately, we were able to give them timely legal advice, negotiate on their behalf, and resolve the situation. — Scott A. Woodruff