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State Form Seeks Unauthorized Information

Despite Home School Legal Defense Association’s attempts to convince the Arkansas Department of Education to limit the information sought in the Notice of Intent to Home School form, the latest version continues to seek personal information having no bearing on a family’s decision to home school. The May 2000 edition of the form seeks the family’s telephone number, parents’ occupations, sex of their children, and race of family members. In addition, the form also requires parents to agree that their children will be administered standardized achievement tests in the grade levels required of public school students. No exemption is offered for students with learning disabilities for whom standardized testing may be inappropriate. The form also requires parents to agree to notify the local school district of any change of address or discontinuance of the home school, although these requirements are not contained in state law.

HSLDA recommends that parents strike through any objectionable language requiring them to agree to procedures contrary to state law. Parents are also under no obligation to provide personal family information beyond what is specified under Arkansas law. — Dewitt T. Black