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Compulsory Education Laws: The Dialogue Reopens

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The Widows Curriculum Scholarship Fund

N O T E S   T O   M E M B E R S


As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, families often ask HSLDA "How can we help out our fellow home schoolers in need?" We have set up three funds to enable families to provide practical assistance.

  1. HSLDF's Widows Curriculum Scholarship Fund
  2. HSLDF General Needs Fund is able to accept tax-deductible donations which are used to benefit home schooling families.
  3. HSLDA Membership Scholarship Fund helps families in difficult financial situations join HSLDA. (Note: gifts to this fund are not tax-deductible.)

To contribute, please make your check(s) payable to the fund(s) of your choice and send to HSLDA, P.O. Box 3000, Purcellville, VA 20134.

Reprinted for Your Convenience

Due to the high number of requests for the "Search Warrant Required by Court" card, we are providing it here for your convenience. This card originally appeared in the September/October 1999 Court Report following the Calabretta decision. Please print out this card and keep it with your membership materials.

Search Warrant Required by Court
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