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HSLDA Hires Home Schooled Attorney

Darren Jones, HSLDA’s first attorney who is a home schooled graduate.

Home School Legal Defense Association is pleased to announce that we have hired Darren Jones, a home school graduate, as our newest staff attorney. He will be handling the following states: Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wyoming, as well as the American Samoa.

While working for four years as Dewitt Black's assistant, Darren completed law school and passed the California Bar Exam. “Darren has done an outstanding job as my legal assistant. He has been a model of diligence and patience in dealing with the legal problems encountered by our member families. He is well prepared to assume the responsibilities of an attorney,” Dee said.

While still adjusting to "Esquire," Darren is preparing to add another title: “husband.” On September 30, he will wed former HSLDA intern, Sara Roberts, of Mississippi.

“All of HSLDA’s attorneys are committed to home schooling. Now we not only have home schooling dads defending families’ right to teach their children, but we also have an outstanding home school graduate defending this educational choice,” commented HSLDA President J. Michael Smith.