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S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E

Results of the 2000 National Debate Tournament

Resolved: That the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution and federal corporate and personal income taxes should be repealed and replaced with an alternate plan. That was the topic that home school students from across the U.S. have been debating in regional meets since last fall. Forty-seven of the top Cross-Examination teams and 12 of the Lincoln-Douglas debaters made it to the National Championships held this year in San Diego, California, June 22-24. In addition to the formal debate tournament, 156 students also participated in the Individual Events Speech Tournament Track, which included Original Oratory, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic or Humorous Interpretation, and Impromptu Speaking categories.

Congratulations to all of the participants—your dedication, hard work, and hours of research have sharpened skills that will serve you well in all of your future endeavors. And to the debaters who placed in the top ranks, a hearty well done!

Resolution for 2001

Next year promises to retain the same competitive spirit that so imbued this year’s debate. The resolution for the 2001 National Debate Tournament will be:

Resolved: That the United States should significantly change its immigration policy.

We hope to see home school students from all 50 states next year. For more information on how you can become involved visit and/or

Tournament Champions
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Division
1) CAC-A Andrew Bailey (CA)
2) FLS-E Eric Papetti (AL)
3) ORS-J Jared Light (OR)
4) MOO-R Raudy Bearden (KS)
Team Cross-Examination Division
1) CAD-GD George Davis (CA) & Daniel Lynch (CA)
2) CAJ-CJ Chris Stollar (OR) & Joseph Rose (CA)
3) CAJ-RJ Ryan Stollar (OR) & John Rose (CA)
** CAM-TS Timothy Heggem (CA) & Samuel Hawkey (CA)
4) CAF-SC Sarah Wilson (CA) & Courtney Winther (CA)
5) ALO-KW Kyle Pousson (LA) & William Stewart (LA)
6) CAM-TS Timothy Heggem (CA) & Samuel Hawkey (CA)**
7) GAR-LD Laura Inglis (VA) & Daniel Roe (VA)
8) ORR-NS Nathan Winslow (OR) & Stephen Taylor (WA)
9) VAR-MP Melissa Hurter (PA) & Phoebe Abraham (OH)
10) INS-BJ Barbara Hazelwood (IN) & Jessica Whitehair (IN)

** Our Apology to the Special Mention Semi-Finalists

HSLDA deeply regrets a tabulation room error in the quarterfinal round which resulted in Timothy Heggem and Samuel Hawkey not advancing to the semi-final round. Although we cannot “undo and redo” the final rounds, we extend the following in attempt to make things as right as possible:

  • Both are rewarded with a 3rd place–finisher scholarship to Patrick Henry College at the total sum of $4,000 per debater (or $1,000 per year for up to four years).
  • Semi-final trophies will be awarded and sent to both.
    Top Speakers
    Lincoln–Douglas Debate Division
    1) Eric Papetti
    2) Andrew Bailey
    3) Raudy Bearden
    4) Jared Light
    Team Cross-Examination Division
    1) Melissa Hurter
    2) Joseph Rose
    3) Chris Stollar
    4) Jay Buller
    5) Daniel Lynch
    6) Sarah Wilson
    7) Rachel Emerson
    8) Tony Bykerk
    9) Samuel Hawkey
    10) Thomas Gowen