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MAY / JUNE 2000
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From Their Children

(R-L) TABITHA BASKIN, age 13, from Belmont, MA, with her mother, Princessa, and Timothy, learning American history on the road at Schroon Lake, NY.

I think my Mom is a very special person because she’s kind and generous and she always puts others first. She’s also very good at giving advice and she always does things wisely. My Mom is an exquisite teacher. I say this because the way that she teaches is unlike any other. She never gets upset over little things.

My favorite subject in home school is science. I just love learning about things like that!

I also think my Mom is very good at giving advice. She always knows what to say and when to say it. I think she’s really good at that.

— Tabitha Baskin, age 13
Belmont, MA

Editors’ Note: Princessa has been courageously home schooling Tabitha for two years over serious objections from the local school district. Particularly remarkable is that Tabitha, who is legally blind and usually uses Braille, carefully handwrote her note of appreciation about her mother. We regret that due to space constraints, we had to print the rest of her note transcribed into typeface.


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