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MAY / JUNE 2000
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A Tribute to Home School Moms

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C O V E R   S T O R Y

From Their Children

A Tribute to Mom

Mom has been there for me all through my 17 years. She was there when I lost my first baby tooth, when I got my first A+, and when I got my drivers permit. Even though it has been hard and difficult to make me understand Algebra 2 at times, she has always been there with encouragement and love. When I did not feel well or I was sick, she would comfort me and try to make me feel better.

Not only has she helped me in my day-to-day life but she has also been there to give me biblical training for my spiritual walk with Christ.

Still smiling, even after Algebra 2, MATTHEW DURKEE and his mom, Elyse.
Whether it was a word of encouragement, a scripture reference or a cold wash cloth to cool me down when I had a fever and did not feel well, Mom has always loved me and has shown it through her daily words and actions. So I just want to say right now—though I am sure she knows it, “Thanks, Mom! I love you.”

— Matthew Durkee, age 17
Livonia, NY


From Their Children
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Alicia Robinson
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Matthew Durkee
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