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Grade Levels Not Required

The home school enrollment form has spaces for parents to indicate the number of students in each grade level, sorted by gender. The form also has the option of categorizing children as “ungraded.” Two member families who “ungraded” their children contacted Home School Legal Defense Association because they received letters from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, insisting that the families provide grade levels.

State law does not require home schoolers to give information on specific grade levels, but there is an implied requirement in Wisconsin Statutes § 115.30(3) that the elementary and high school levels are to be indicated separately. HSLDA wrote to the Wisconsin DPI, pointing out that the statute does not mandate information on specific grade levels be provided. No response has been received at this time, but home schoolers in the state should be aware that the statute does not require providing information on the child’s grade level. — Scott A. Woodruff