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a contrario sensu

No Passing Lane

Our six year old, Sarah, was becoming proficient at reading road signs. As we were traveling on a four-lane road that narrowed to two lanes, she exclaimed, “Dad, you went right past it!”

“Right past what?” he asked.

“That sign said, ‘Do not pass!’” Sarah replied.

—Cathy S. Vandergriff, Amelia, Ohio

Trained at Home

My friend had begun home schooling her older children, but her youngest child was anxious to get started, too. His mother discovered he had been telling others that he couldn’t wait to be “house trained.”

—Cindy Riker, Leola, Pennsylvania

Tops, Hoods, and Bonnets

My young son and I were driving home one day when a convertible sports car went zooming past. It caught his attention immediately. “Look, Dad,” he said, “the hood is down.”

Of course, I knew what he meant, but corrected him, “You mean the top is down. The hood is the part in front, over the engine.”

He quickly tossed back, “Well, I was right, the hood is down.”

There was nothing I could say.

—David May, Burke, Virginia

Home School Qualifications

Five years ago when I began home schooling our sons (now 14 and 16), I heard the inevitable questions from friends about socialization, curriculum, etc.

My sister-in-law hesitantly said, “I know this isn’t going to come out right, but . . .”

“Go ahead, ask anything you like,” I encouraged.

“Do you mean to tell me that any idiot can teach their kid at home?” “No,” I laughed, “it takes a very special idiot!”

—Kim Roman, Stuttgart, Germany

Save the Whales

While reading a story about John Wesley, my five year old got excited. We had just read that Wesley had traveled all over England, Scotland, and Wales preaching. When I asked Andrew why he was so excited, he answered, “Because even the whales became Christians!” Of course, that would be very exciting to a five year old whose favorite animal is whales!

—Debbie Smith, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

You Can Pray

I sat at the piano with my five year old daughter, Rachel, as she struggled with a song she’d been working on. My frustration level rising, I finally said, “Let’s just put it away and ask your teacher to explain it tomorrow. I’ve tried to explain it to you every way I know how, there’s nothing else I can think to do.” Rachel replied, “Mommy, I know one more thing you can try—PRAY that I’ll remember it right. “ I smiled, laid my hand on her head, and prayed. Immediately afterwards she played the piece without error! We both learned valuable lessons that day.

—Susie Davis, Apopka, Florida

S E N D   U S   Y O U R   S T O R Y

     Humorous, warm anecdotes and true stories illustrating that home schooling is the best educational alternative around.
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