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Freedom Watch
Goals for 106th Congress

HSLDA’s goals for the second session of this Congress include:


  • Oppose reauthorization of School- to-Work Opportunities Act.
  • Eliminate National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.
  • Eliminate discrimination against home schoolers in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • Amend National Assessment of Educational Progress Act by narrowing it to its original intent and prohibiting it from being used as a national test.
  • Achieve final passage of the Academic Achievement for All Act to reduce federal control over education and the Teacher Empowerment Act that prohibits creation of any national teaching certificate.
  • Amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to prohibit any federal control over home schoolers and to exempt all home schools from the Gun-Free School Zone Act.

Religious Freedom

  • Oppose the Religious Liberty Protection Act (RLPA) in the Senate since it will actually harm religious freedom.
  • Support H.R. 2494, the Children Tax ID Alternative Act that will allow families with a religious objection to obtaining social security numbers for their children to provide alternative documentation.

Taxes and Spending

  • Pass Education Savings Accounts to provide a tax benefit for parents saving for their children’s education, including home education.
  • Pass Education Tax Credit legislation.
  • Eliminate Marriage Tax Penalty.

Family Freedom

  • Oppose Senate Ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and UN Convention Against All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.