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Debate Update

Now in its fourth year, home school debate is growing by leaps and bounds. And each year, we are getting closer to the goal of 100 percent state representation at the Home School Legal Defense Association National Debate Tournament. This year’s event will be held June 22–24 in San Diego, California.

But debate is not just growing geographically. This year, students are trying Lincoln-Douglas Policy Debate as an option to the classic Team Debate format. Lincoln-Douglas Debate is different from Team Debate in that it is one debater against one debater, rather than two teams of two. Also, the speech times are shorter, forcing the debate into a more direct and rigorous argument. A flood of interest has rewarded our hopes for L-D success: over 25 debaters may qualify for the L-D division of the National Tournament.

Also at this year’s National Tournament, HSLDA and Christian Family Schools (of San Diego) are introducing an Individual Events Speech Tournament Track which will include Original Oratory, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic or Humorous Interpretation, and Impromptu Speaking. The tournament schedule is organized so students can compete in both debate and individual events.

Interested in getting involved? Visit the HSLDA website to learn more: