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Late Breaking News

Oops! The 10 Reasons to Join HSLDA list was inadvertently left out of the THREE-FOR-FREE mailing we sent you in January. Feel free to print the online version and use it to explain the benefits of HSLDA to prospective members.

Do you know what the price of a loaf of bread was in 1984? Me either. But I know it was less then than now. Most things were. Amazingly, HSLDA membership has remained the same over the past 15 years. How? You, and thousands like you, have made it possible by your faithful support and friendship.

So, what does the new millennium hold for home schoolers and for HSLDA? We don’t know, but we cannot count on the status quo to be quietly maintained—personal liberties always seem to have their foes. Our hope and prayer is that our freedoms will be passed on to our children’s children.

How can we secure these privileges? Prayer is one way. Another is to continue to take our stand together, and to do so in even greater numbers with renewed resolve.

In preparation for the challenges of the 21st century, we invite you to help us encourage more home schooling families to join together as members of HSLDA. Thousands of home schoolers do not know who we are, what we do, or how we can help them. We would like to let them know, and would like to give you a chance to help us.

Here’s how: In January we sent you a special mailing with information on how to participate in what we are calling our THREE-FOR-FREE program. In brief, if three families you refer to us become HSLDA members within the next year (between January and December 2000), you will receive a FREE year of membership.

Thanks in advance for your assistance in encouraging others to join with us as together we face the challenges that lie ahead.


Chuck Hurst
Director of Membership