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Freedom Watch
FBI Project Megiddo

In early November, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent a report entitled Project Megiddo to 20,000 police chiefs. This report assessed potential for domestic terrorism in the United States motivated by the new millennium.

In response to rumors that the report considered home educators dangerous, Home School Legal Defense Association examined the entire document. The single reference to home schooling was an allusion to the fear that some groups have that “home schooling will be outlawed and all school curriculum will need to be approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).” However, there is no mention of home schooling in a negative way.

Project Megiddo focuses on extremist groups far from the mainstream home school movement. These are groups from which home schoolers would typically distance themselves, such as violent militias, apocalyptic cults, and radical white supremacists.

There is another version of Project Megiddo, classified for internal FBI use only, which HSLDA has not been able to obtain. Thirty-two groups, including HSLDA, have submitted a coalition letter to congressional leaders, requesting an inquiry into Project Megiddo.

At this point, Project Megiddo is not a cause for alarm. However, HSLDA believes it is important to clarify the report’s definitions and goals.

HSLDA encourages home schoolers to stay informed. See the public version of Project Megiddo at