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10 Reasons to Join HSLDA

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S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E

Ten Reasons to Join HSLDA

Your membership:

1.  Provides PROFESSIONAL LEGAL REPRESENTATION to protect your right to home school against government officials. As home schooling fathers, our attorneys share your commitment to home education as a legal right, educational opportunity and spiritual blessing. One hundred percent of legal fees and associated costs are paid by HSLDA.

2.  Entitles you to assistance with any social services contact.

3.  Ensures a presence in Washington, DC, to remind the federal government that it has no jurisdiction over home schools.

4.  Helps HSLDA monitor all state legislation that could reduce your home schooling freedoms.

5.  Ensures immediate response to attempts to roll back your state’s law (the army needs to be on the ground when the enemy makes its move).

6.  Enables HSLDA to conduct research regarding home schooling and produce literature that presents home education in the best possible light.

7.  Allows HSLDA to provide leadership symposiums for support group leaders and the national conference to state leaders to better equip them to serve the home school community.

8.  Entitles you to receive e-mail alerts regarding any federal and/or state legislation that impacts home school and parental freedoms.

9.  Keeps you abreast of the latest breaking news in home education through our newsletter and other publications.

10.  Makes you part of a brotherhood of 66,000+ families who stand together to protect and advance home school freedoms—in the United States and foreign countries.