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MAY / JUNE 1999
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Registration Not Required
    Home School Legal Defense Association frequently receives questions about the necessity of home schools registering with the state in Indiana. At least one state-level official has expressed the opinion that registration is required by law.
    Indiana law does not require home schoolers to register. Here is what is actually required of home schoolers:

(1) Home schools should keep an accurate record of daily attendance for all students of compulsory age. What must home schoolers do with this daily record? Absolutely nothing—unless the state or local superintendent of instruction asks to see it. If either asks, a home schooler must give them a copy of the attendance record for the child the superintendent specifies. Until they ask for it, the record can be left in the home schooler’s files.

(2) Indiana Code section 20-8.1-3-24(b) requires the principal or administrator of every private school to furnish, upon request of the state superintendent of public instruction, the number of children by grade level attending the school. This law does not require any records to be kept. Therefore it has no impact whatsoever on home school families—until the state superintendent asks a specific home school “principal” for the listed information. When that happens, the information must be provided.

(3) I.C. 20-8.1-3-24(b) also requires a private school principal or administrator to notify the state superintendent of instruction when a pupil withdraws from the school and no other public or private school requests that student’s records within 15 days after the withdrawal.
Before responding to or initiating contact with any official, member families should contact HSLDA to obtain legal advice for that specific situation. And remember—Indiana home schoolers are not obligated to register under any circumstance.