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Complying Families Need Not Report
    This fall, several school districts sent a letter to home school families asking them to complete a Home School Report form in order to “facilitate compliance” with the compulsory attendance law. In each case, Home School Legal Defense Association attorney Scott Woodruff responded to the school officials in writing, explaining that they had no authority to require the family to complete the form. Not one school official wrote back to disagree.
    If a family is already complying with the law, their compliance does not need to be “facilitated” further by sending in an unnecessary form. Although parents have no legal obligation to fill out such forms, they should not ignore them. If you receive one, send it to HSLDA immediately so we can respond on your behalf.

    Ann Arbor’s name grew from the habit of two wives both named Ann who were fond of chatting under a grape arbor. Their husbands named the town for them.