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N O T E S   T O   M E M B E R S

Finding Your Way in HSLDA

     Remember the story of the Labyrinth from early Greek mythology? On the island of Crete, the Minoans built a technologically advanced civilization with a dark side. Under the magnificent palace dwelt a half-man, half-bull creature, the Minotaur, that ruled a gloomy maze-like domain from which there was no hope of escape for those who entered. The noble Theseus put an end to the Minotaur and was able to find his way out by following the ball of thread he had carefully unwound as he entered the Labyrinth. Well, one feeling we never want our members to have when dealing with our office is that they've entered the Labyrinth. Yet, I suppose it can happen, especially at our busiest times of the year. I recently asked our membership department staff what pointers they could give members to make sure their information was handled as quickly as possible. Here are their threads of advice that you can use to move through the friendly confines of HSLDA.

Discount group members
     When renewing your membership after you’ve joined a discount group, be sure to get your group’s six-digit discount number to put on your renewal form. If your group does not have such a number, they likely are not eligible for the discount at this time.

Making a payment
     Always attach a note of explanation to any miscellaneous payments you send to us so that we can credit your money to your account.

Ordering a publication
     When ordering publications from us, it pays to plan ahead. Let me illustrate: If your order is sent by standard ground service, HSLDA picks up the cost. If you need your order sent express delivery, however, you are responsible for the shipping costs. Rates vary with geographic area and are subject to change, but a typical cost would be $5 for three-day delivery, $12 for two-day, and $20 for next day.

Curriculum changes
     If you alter your curriculum, you do not need to notify us. We are grateful for your conscientiousness, but are satisfied if you are using materials that demonstrate a serious commitment to the education of your children.

Calling our office
     It is extremely helpful if you include your membership number in addition to your name and telephone number in any voicemail messages you leave for our staff. This way, we’ll be able to give you the best service possible.