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a contrario sensu
And Where Do You Go to School?

     Our family is racially mixed—white mom and dad, and three biracial children, whom we adopted. Some black leaders, especially social workers, have taken a very vocal position against the adoption of non-white children by white couples. Because we also home school, I’m sometimes doubly apprehensive when strangers strike up a conversation with our children in public places. (Ever wonder why every checkout clerk needs to ask your children where they go to school?)
     One day while shopping, we were next in line behind a lovely black woman in African-style dress who was chatting with the cashier about her job as a kindergarten teacher. The cashier turned to my children and asked, “And where do you go to school?” I tried not to cringe as my daughter spoke up, “We home school!”
     Suddenly the teacher whirled on us, jabbing her finger toward my youngsters, and exclaiming, “You! You!” I was quite alarmed at the level of emotion in her voice, but her parting shot was, “You’re lucky! I’m a schoolteacher, and I know why parents home school!”
—Mrs. Paul (Lynda) Shenefield, Ooltewah, TN

S E N D   U S   Y O U R   S T O R Y

     Humorous, warm anecdotes and true stories illustrating that home schooling is the best educational alternative around.
     All material printed in the Court Report will be credited, and the contributor will receive a free HSLDA publication of his choice. Submissions may be edited for space.

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