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A Contrario Sensu

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O  N     T  H  E     O  T  H  E  R     H  A  N  D
a contrario sensu
The Right Kind of Difference

     We have been home schooling our daughter, Tana, with the idea that we would enroll her into our local high school in our small rural community when she entered ninth grade this fall. Last fall and winter we did not have peace about that decision.
    In January, after much prayer and searching for answers, we finally had peace—we decided to home school Tana through high school.
    We recently had our new pastor and his family out for supper. Until then, they did not know we home schooled. He has been working with our youth group for a few months. His wife shared with me that after youth group, he would go home and describe each of the kids. Each week he would finish with, “. . . and then there is Tana. She is so different. I don’t know how to describe her. She is so . . . well, she is so . . . so pure.”
    All we can say is, “Thank you, Lord!” It is as though He wanted to encourage us that we have made the right decision.
—Debbie Woollen, Alma, Nebraska

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