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Home Schooling Statesmen: Making a Positive Difference Across America

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RLPA Battle: Victory in the House

Coming Soon! “Patrick Henry College”

HSLDA National Debate Tournament—Act II

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S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E

Coming Soon! “Patrick Henry College”

     Plans are proceeding for Home School Legal Defense Association’s proposed apprenticeship-based “Patrick Henry College,” with classes scheduled to begin in the fall of 2000. The “PHC” vision is for a two-year institution, taking students who have already achieved approximately 60 credits of general college education. “PHC” will train these students intensively in their major field of study, combining the theory of classroom academics with the practical training of real-world job apprenticeship.
     The students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree which, if all goes as planned, will be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. SACS regional accreditation is essential for students who wish to continue on to graduate or professional school, and it will significantly increase the credibility of a “Patrick Henry” degree.
     The first degree program at “Patrick Henry College” will be a B.A. in Government. Other proposals under consideration for 2000 or later include degrees in Computer Science, Journalism, Education and Business. As the college becomes established, other programs may be added—such as a possible apprenticeship-based school of law or other graduate-level programs.
     First steps are now being taken to explore the “PHC” concept with officials of the Virginia Council of Higher Education and SACS, and to determine whether that vision will require any adjustment in order to achieve state authorization and accreditation.
     HSLDA owns a beautiful 43-acre campus site just inside the town limits of Purcellville, Virginia. The first campus building will include classroom space, offices and a new national headquarters for the HSLDA staff.
     A database is being assembled of individuals interested in the “Patrick Henry College” project. It includes people who:

  • may wish to enroll as students or know a potential student;
  • have a general interest in innovative approaches to higher education;
  • may wish to support the college financially in the future or know potential donors; or
  • want to stay atop developments.
     It is not necessary to be an HSLDA member to be on the college mailing list, but HSLDA members will not receive all college-related information. Therefore, it is important for anyone with a specific interest in “PHC” to get on the list. If you have not returned a “PHC” postcard, just call the HSLDA national office at (540) 338-5600 and tell the receptionist that you want to be on the mailing list for “Patrick Henry College.”
     Please be in prayer for this important effort.