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MAY / JUNE 1997
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Leadership Summit

"The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child will never make it through the [Senate Foreign Relations] committee as long as I'm there," Senator Jesse Helms assured those assembled at the National Home School Leadership Summit on March 5, 1997. Senator Helms was one of several key conservative legislators to speak to the home school leaders from 45 states who had gathered at our nation's capitol for a special briefing on federal legislative issues of concern to home educators.

Home schoolers are making a difference. Some of our nation's most influential legislators are listening and responding to the concerns raised by home school families. And several conservative leaders from the Senate and the House took time from their busy schedules to speak to these dedicated home school parents who had traveled to Washington, D.C. for this meeting.

March 1997 Press Conference

During a noon press conference on March 5, Michael Farris and Dr. Brian Ray introduced Home Education Across the United States, a compilation of data from a new study, the most comprehensive to date on home school students nationwide. Representatives from many well-known national news media eagerly received this fresh data, which showed home schoolers excelling in all subject areas, regardless of traditional handicaps, such as family education level, family income, race, etc. (See pages 6—8 for the media's comments on this new release.)

Your complimentary copy of Home Education Across the United States is included as a center insert in this Court Report. Additional copies may be ordered using the publication order form on page 22.