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a contrario sensu

Still believe the earth revolves around state education?

Since my youngest daughter has completed our family's home education program, I have begun substitute teaching occasionally. I was recently subbing in an elementary classroom in a private school of some reputation. The second grade teacher from the class next door came in to ask me a question, but she prefaced it with, "Now, did you always home school, or did you teach in a real school before that?"

"Before I had children I used to teach in a conventional school," I replied.

"OK, I can ask you this question then. Does the sun go around the earth? Or does the earth go around the sun?"

Surprised, I said,"Well, the earth goes around the sun."

The teacher still needed clarification: "Does the earth go all the way around the sun in just one day?"

"No, no. It takes 365 days for the earth to go around the sun."

This answer only puzzled her the more, and so I had to explain that we have night and day because the earth is rotating on its axis.

This was a 25-year-old, state certified teacher. So, when people tell you that your children are missing out, don't worry about it.

Linda Stroh
Scottsdale, Arizona