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"I am home-schooled, and my elementary teacher is my favorite teacher. She is my Mom. She inspired me during the times when I thought I could do no more…. Most moms teach their children to walk and talk, by my mom didn't stop there. She taught me to read, write, add and love God."

— "My favorite close to home" by Emily Elizabeth Kelso, special to the Sentinel, Orlando, FL, October 19, 1996

"The clash over parental rights proposal begs the fundamental question: Who decides what' sin the best interests of children? Parents? Or the government? Are ordinary parents generally competent to raise their children or should parents defer to elite authorities backed by state power? … Recognizing the irreplaceable role of parents is essential to keeping the power of the state in check, revitalizing citizenship and ensuring that children receive the love, protection and guidance only a parent can provide."

— by Cathleen A. Cleaver, Director of Legal Studies, Family Research Council and Gred D. Erken, Executive Director, Of the People. From "Parental Rights: Who Decides How Children Are Raised?" Family Policy, August 1996. Printed in The CQ Researcher, October 25, 1996