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"Home-schooling may strike some as a strange undertaking, wherein children are cloistered in their homes with overprotective parent-teachers. How can they learn social skills? goes the refrain. What about team sports and computer classes and just plain fun stuff like school dances? But talk to teenagers who are being home-schooled and hear the praises of freedom and flexibility."

—Clint O'Connor,
Plain Dealer September 9, 1996.

"Jean and Donald Banick of Lindenhurst decided public schools were not for them when they were told by school officials it had been a bad idea to teach their younger daughter to read. 'They told me that I shouldn't have taught her to read before she entered school, that it left her out of the group,' Jean Banick said. 'I thought that it would be advantageous for her and I was chastised for doing it.' That was when their daughter Tara was in first grade. She never went back for second. Now 17 and a home-schooled senior in high school, Tara has been named a semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarships."

—Deneen Smith
News-Sun, Waukegan, IL September 12, 1996.

"In Black's Law Dictionary a school is defined as 'an institution or place of instruction or education.' For most children ages 6-18, this is your home away from home. But for about 140 children in Indian River County, this 'place of instruction' is only as far away as their dining room table. Every educator has a common goal: to prepare young people for the future. It should not matter if the educator is a teacher or your own parent. It shouldn't matter if you go to a certain building or if you stay at home. If the child is being prepared for a full life, then the goal for educating has been reached."

—Holly Sinco,
Press-Journal, Vero Beach, FL September 25, 1996.