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P R E S S   C L I P P I N G S

"Flexible study hours, unlimited field trips, no uniforms, no cafeteria food and test scores rivaling the best private schools-this school sounds so good it must be home. If you don't know anyone who teaches their kids at home, you probably will soon: The number of those schooled at home appears to be doubling every three years."

—Gannet News Service,
published in the Niagara Gazette on July 27, 1996

"And the motives for choosing home-schooling, at least [for some] … aren't the stereotypical fanaticism of one kind or another, but rather concerns that are decidedly rational: In particular … the need to customize the education of young people, taking into account the unique nature of every human being-and noting the challenge of rapidly changing economy and technology that will put a premium on flexibility…. [C]lassroom instruction, by contrast, emphasizes a uniform, one-size-fits-all approach to learning and viewing the world that can retard real education, at least for some children."

—Editorial in the Orange County Register August 13, 1996

"[H]ome-schooled children nationally score above average on standardized tests. Think what this means: With all the 'expertise' claimed by the educational establishment, with all the highly touted 'innovations' that spring up like mushrooms in schools across the country and with all the thousands of dollars per child poured into the system, parents do a better job in their own homes."

—Thomas Sowell, nationally syndicated columnist
published in the Washington Times on August 13, 1996