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April / May 1996
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From the mouths of babes, Part II

Seven-year-old Tyler Reed knows about the presidents of the United States. He can list them in order and he knows lots of interesting facts about the men and their presidencies.

On the Wednesday afternoon that the February / March 1996 issue of the Home School Court Report arrived at the Reed home, Cheryl, Tyler's mom, sat down to read him the "President's Page" column.* "We were excited," Cheryl reported, "because you don't see too many things written about past presidents. I started reading the article to him and he stopped me. 'Mom, that doesn't sound right. I don't think he was assassinated in 1902.' We got out our book on the presidents and it said that McKinley was in his second term and he was assassinated in September 1901."

Tyler Reed is right. William McKinley was first elected president in 1896 and reelected in 1900. He was shot on September 6 and died eight days later on September 14, 1901.

(*Home School Court Report, Volume 12, Number 1, February / March 1996, page 28.)