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February / March 1996
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Billiot Family Challenges Statute

Michigan's New Law

Victory in Newfoundland

Top 10 Home Schooling States

Oklahoma Truant Officer Resigns

Home Schoolers in Books

Military Court Convicts Spc. New

Top 20 Advantages to Home Schooling

Another Unsung Hero

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Press Clippings

" 'People have come to realize that the public schools they send their children to today are not the same as the ones they attended in their youth,' said [Monte] Hancock, who teaches his two school-age children in the family's Melbourne home. 'It's a shock to them when they find out what goes on in schools, and they're in flight to get their kids out of there.'"

Linda Wiggins
Florida Today
October 23, 1995

"So for me, the jury on home schooling is still out. But you can count me among those who are more than a little in awe of parents who have seized their children back from the state and taken personal responsibility for their education. In a time when everyone who ever attended a PTA meeting talks about family values, they remind us what a big chasm lies between talking the talk and walking the walk."

Brian Dickerson
Detroit Free Press Sunday Magazine
November 26, 1995

" 'Two hundred years ago, if you went to school, you didn't go all day,' [home schooling mother Terrie Runnells] said. 'There was work to do on the farm. Kids who are in school all day don't learn how to cook, sew, take out the trash or visit at a nursing home. There's so much more to life.'"

Linda S. Caillouet
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
December 26, 1995