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Parental Rights Drama, Act One

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1995 National Christian Home Educators Leadership Conference, Orlando

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"Home schooling, once the backbone of education in this country, is making a comeback among Americans who fear for their children every day they pack them off to public schools, with their metal detectors, security squads, surveillance cameras in the halls and barbed wire atop chain-link fences. . .

Home schooling has come a long way since the early 1800s when a widow would teach a dozen or so children in her home.

Now it is a movement, with a national organization, lobbyists, lawyers, state associations and grassroots groups in cities and counties that go best two-falls-out-of-three with courts and school boards."

Tom Wells
Associated Press
November 20, 1995

"Another notion swirling around the issue of home-schooling is that the choice to educate one's children at home is a hostile rejection of the school system. In fact, this is not always the case: for many it's simply a lifestyle choice, and many schools are extremely supportive of homeschooling families, both logistically and in spirit. . .

"Whatever the choice and style of these families, the common thread is that they are truly devoted to the education of their children, and certainly this is a quality to be nurtured."

Eleanor Osborne
Vermont Times, Shelburne, VT
October 26, 1995

"Does the trend reflect a renewed focus on home and families and a back-to-basics approach to learning? Or is it simply a rejection of public schools that aren't giving children what parents think they need? The answer to both questions is yes. What prompts a parent to home-school varies as widely as the parents' ideologies. . .

One thing is clear: The parents and children who've chosen home-schooling over public education firmly believe they are doing what's best for their children."

Karen Hucks
The Olympian, Olympia, WA
October 19, 1995