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SEPT / OCT / NOV 1995
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Army Prepared to Court-Martial Homeschooler Michael New

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1995 International Geography Olympiad
The Marine Corps of the Homeschool Movement

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P R E S S   C L I P P I N G S

"Homeschoolers should not feel abashed. The 'socialization' process of parents with children has been the modus operandi for most children in most places in this world for most of human history. And, looking at the cultural indicators of our youth in public schools, it would be hard to argue that the home-parent-child process of educating and impressing responsible community norms and behavior upon our kids has been improved upon."

—Matt Friedeman, columnist
Jackson Clarion-Ledger
August 16, 1995

"Parents of home-schoolers say they like the freedom and flexibility. They like the fact that students can go as fast or as slow as they need to. And any book at all can be a textbook. "Parents who home-school say it's more natural than regular school, and high test scores and good college admission records show it can work."

—Doug Cumming
Atlanta Constitution
August 28, 1995