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"Why has public sentiment about home schooling-once widely disdained as undemocratic and socially irresponsible-undergone such a dramatic transformation? The shortcomings and turmoil of public schools and the exorbitant cost of private ones are two major factors. A third is that Americans are beginning to hear of home-schooling successes—standardized achievement scores above the norm and high rates of admission to colleges like Harvard and Yale….

"For parents, initiating a home-schooling life is often the start of personal transformation that transcends their children's education. Many claim it alters not only their relationship to their children but their sense of life's purpose as well."

— Harper's Bazaar
September 1994

"Though every group has its radical elements, homeschoolers suffer more than most from the misperception that they are all extremists. In reality, homeschoolers are a diverse community of educators who happen to work at home with their own children—and who, by all accounts, are a growing, sophisticated niche market for trade books."

— Publisher's Weekly
July 17, 1995