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WINTER 1994/1995
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S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E

Homeschooling Mother Wins Ohio State Board of Education Seat

Diana Fessler, home-educating mother of six and longtime education activist, ran successfully for Ohio State Board of Education this year. Garnering 30.4% of the votes in her district, Fessler easily defeated the other five candidates in the race.

Mrs. Fessler's win did not surprise her many supporters, but the race was not an easy one. Critics claimed Fessler's background as a home educator was too "narrow and conservative" and would hinder her work on the board. However, Fessler answered, "Time will prove their concerns [are] misplaced. I seek the finest in public education while upholding and preserving the opportunity for private education."

Many asked why someone without children in the public schools should be on the State Board of Education. "Ohio census records show that only 24.7% of households have children enrolled in the public schools. That put me in the majority with the 75% of the population who do not have children enrolled in schools," said Mrs. Fessler.

Home educators everywhere have been involved in the political process, contributing time and energy to electing and supporting home school friendly candidates. If you know of homeschoolers like Diana Fessler who have successfully run for office in the past year, please drop us a line. We'll feature homeschoolers in government in a later issue of the Court Report.