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Federal Legislative Activity Update

Final Victory on H.R.6

The language protecting home, private, and religious schools (the Armey language) was preserved in the Conference Report on H.R.6. The conference committee, whose members were obligated not to change the language in the legislation since it was identical in the House and Senate versions, did not alter the language.

After the bill was reported out of committee, the House of Representatives voted on final passage of the Conference Report. The vote was taken on September 30, 1994, and the bill passed by a vote of 262 to 132. Then the Conference Report was sent to the Senate for approval. The Senate passed the bill on October 5, by a vote 77 to 20. Section 14508 and 14509 of the Conference Report on H.R.6 contain the language protecting home schoolers. God's blessing and your vigilance have preserved our liberty.

The Omnibus Crime Bill

The Omnibus Crime Bill passed the U.S. Senate by a vote of 61-38 on Thursday, August 26, 1994. A point of order was called earlier the same day because the bill violated Section 306 of the Budget Act, which requires a bill to go through the Budget Committee first if a new trust fund is included in the legislation. Senator George Mitchell [D-ME] asked that the Budget Act be waived, a decision which required 60 votes. He won this procedural move with 61 votes. That set the stage for final passage of the $30 billion Crime Bill. President Clinton signed the bill into law on September 14, 1994. Thank you for your efforts to oppose this unconstitutional and socialistic legislation.

Health Care

On September 26, 1994, Senate majority leader George Mitchell announced that Health Care is dead for 1994. This is a tremendous defeat for the Clinton Administration, but the battle is not over. The Clinton Administration has vowed to resurrect plans for universal coverage when the 104th Congress convenes in 1995.

The Congressional Action Program, however, is already on the move. On September 28, 1994, CAP's trained home school lobbyists visited the senatorial offices with information on why this bill would be a serious infringement of the right of parents to control the health decision for their children, and open the door for massive invasions of privacy into the lives of home-schooling families.