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MAY / JUNE 1994
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HSLDA Opposes Breyer Nomination

Home Schoolers Score Another Victory: Update on H.R. 6/S. 1513


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Testing Options Clarified

As the end of the school year approaches, a number of questions have arisen regarding the newly amended home school law's testing provisions.

Two testing options are available to home school parents. The first involves taking the nationally normed, standardized test selected by the state board of education. Under this option, the test site and administrator also must be approved by the state board. Parents need to be aware that under this option, test results are sent to the parents and directly to the county superintendent.

The second testing option allows parents to select an alternative test, also nationally normed and standardized, to be administered by a person authorized by the test publisher. Parents selecting this testing option are required to submit a copy of the test scores to their school district by August 1.

Another question that has been asked of the HSLDA legal department is whether or not children withdrawn from the public school must be tested in the first year of their home school program. If the child has not been tested pursuant to the yearly standardized testing in the public school, the answer is yes. However, if the child has been tested, our advice is to wait until the next school year before submitting to the testing requirement.