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MAY / JUNE 1994
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H. R. 6

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A Victory for the Children

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A Victory for the Children

Early on the morning of February 24—the day the House Rules Committee was scheduled to vote on attaching the open rule to H.R. 6—my nine-year-old daughter Jennifer came down the stairs with a conspicuously heavy step.

"Daddy, is it possible that you and Mom may not be able to teach us at home anymore?" she asked.

Weary from the past week's frantic efforts to alert parents to the dangers of H.R. 6, I mumbled something about it being the day for an important vote that, yes, could affect our ability to home school.

"Well, I'm going to fast and pray today!" she announced.

Suddenly, the obvious struck me: those who stood to lose the most were not the parents—where my focus had been—but rather the children.

As I reflected on Jennifer's announcement in light of the home schoolers' victory, it occurred to me that our nationwide adult efforts, as important as they were, likely paled in comparison to the real influence peddlers: thousands of children driven to their knees.

Imagine the "switchboards" of Heaven during those critical days! Indeed, even as Washington's were lit up by thousands of callers, so was Heaven's by innumerable "Jennifers," those with special permission to come unto the Father, "for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

I learned a number of lessons through H.R. 6, lessons about bulk mailings, political clout, and perseverance. But the most unforgettable lesson I learned was the importance of involving our children in our struggles—for their sakes, to build faith, and for mine, prayer-power. Perhaps, after all, the victory "belongs" to our Jennifers.

— Chuck Hurst, HSLDA Membership Director and Office Manager

Amendment to H.R. 6 (as modified)
Offered by Mr. Armey of Texas
February 24, 1994

On page 735, line 6, insert "institutional" after "nonprofit".

On page 737, line 13, insert "institutional" after "nonprofit".

On page 762, line 9, insert the following new section and redesignate subsequent sections accordingly:


"Nothing in this Act shall be construed to permit, allow, encourage, or authorize any federal control over any aspect of any private, religious, or home school, whether or not a home school is treated as a private school or home school under state law. This section shall not be construed to bar private, religious, or home schools from participation in programs or services under the Act."