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This year's contest is now closed.

Winners to be announced in July.

Themes for the 2016 contest are:

“Sick” by Shel Silverstein
(Category 1–Ages 7-10)

“Daffodils” by William Wordsworth
(Category 2–Ages 11-14)

“What is White”by Mary O'Neill
(Category 3–Ages 15-19)

See 2016 Contest Guidelines for details and prizes!

2015 Winners and Finalists

Category 1 (ages 7-10) Theme: “Green Eggs and Ham”
The assignment was to create a continuation of Dr. Seuss’s poem “Green Eggs and Ham,” picking up from where a selected excerpt left off.

Category 2 (ages 11-14) Theme: “Jabberwocky”
The assignment was to write a poem that takes place in a fun or mysterious new world, following the example of Lewis Carroll's poem, "Jabberwocky," in length, rhyme pattern and style.  The poems had to incorporate some of Carroll's techniques, including made-up vocabulary, neologisms, words with strong visual impact, and rich creativity of expression and idea.

Category 3 (ages 15-19) Theme: “To My Valentine”
Following the example of Odgen Nash's poem, "To My Valentine," in length and rhyme pattern, the assignment was to write a modern-sounding poem that expressed a positive emotion in an uncharacteristic way. Poems were judged on originality of vocabulary, metaphors, examples, theme, and/or expressed emotion.


First Place
“We’ll Try New Food EVERYWHERE!”
Corban Davis, TX

Second Place
“Green Eggs and Yuck!”
Riley Vanderpool, PA

Third Place
“A Kaleidescope of Foods”
Rosalie Chiang, CA


“Pam-I-Am’s Blue Legs of Lamb”
Samuel Willie, GA


“Blue Coffee and Oatmeal”
Ashleigh Keisling, SC

 “Rotten Eggs and Ham” Cassandra Boudreaux, LA

“From Good to Bad” Rosalie Chiang, CA

“Why GREEN, Sam-I-Am?” Peyton Cox, GA

“How Much I Love Green Eggs and Ham” Emma Derr, IA

“New Foods with Sam” Nathan Haak, CA

“Blue Cheese and Yam” Elizabeth Harper, AZ

“In Defense of Bread” Zachary Kiser, TX

“One Hundred Dollar Eggs and Ham” Melody Lowrance, TN

“If You Are My Friend” Natalie McClaury, CA

“Red Eggs and Ham” Natalie McNeil, OK

“Eating Green is Fun” David Rainer, SC

“The Worst Kind of Food” Juliana Scofield, IN

“Green Deliciousness Can Make New Friends” Jasmine Seiwert, MN


First Place
“That Repulsive Creature”
Isaac Ayers, NE

Second Place
Naomi Wagner, NC

Third Place
“The Tale of Rumbug and Fendoodlesnatch”
Abigail Dahl, WA


Ruth Langley, SC


“The Battle of Blaath”
Nathan Thompson, PA

 “For as Quick as Yike Must the Derbeese Die” Vincent Cavanna, TX

“The Loch Ness of Anadess” Elizabeth Coleman, WI

“Lorelios” Sara Gross, FL

“Plateward Bound” Zach Hilton, CA

“Never Noticed by the World” Bailey Klause, TX

“Anemone” Abby Monahan, MI

“The Beast of Reciprocal Letters” Gideon Rediger, IA

“The Tectave Men” Kendra Sanders, AL

“The Warden of Light” Elena Streett, TX

“The Sword of Zakmaroz” Adalyn Vaughan, TX

“Nightmares” Abbi Zuber, OR


First Place
Leah Udinski, PA

Second Place
“To My Sweetest Love”
Kaylee Spears, MS

Third Place
“Like the Unbroken Slope”
Ezra Alexander, TX


“The Anticipated Feelings I Will Experience Should I Win First Place in an Unspecified Poetry Contest”
Catherine Chesebro, NJ


“Lover of Literature”
Lydia Hill, TX

 “The Happy that Burns” Casey Boudreaux, LA

“A Loss for Words” Drake DeOrnellis, IN

“Contenting Dark” Emma DuBois, NY

“My Love for You” Ashley Jones, MT

“In the Shadow of Death” Hannah Kilpatrick, VA

“Allusion of Mirth” Jessey Laba, MI

“Something is Missing in the State of Denmark” Jessey Laba, MI

“Zeal at the Zenith” Daeus Lamb, OH

“The Ageless Cry of Humanity” by Morganne Oliver, VA

“Forever Innocent: Cupid and Psyche – Antonio Canova” Lila Sadler, VA

“You Let Someone Else Define You” Isabella Scheibl, WI