Senate File 445: Deaf Children's Bill of Rights (originally Senate File 190)


Last Updated: February 22, 2011
Senate File 445: Deaf Children's Bill of Rights (originally Senate File 190)
Senator Sodders

As originally written, Senate File 190 would have taken away the right of parents to direct the education of their deaf or hard-of-hearing child.

SF 190 would have given the power of choice of education to the child himself. And we know from experience that when a law gives rights to children without clearly making parents the custodian of those rights, government agents are empowered to usurp the role of parents and claim the power to decide what the child really wants or needs.

Although the bill ostensibly gave rights to children, it would have taken rights away from parents. For example, one part of the bill gave deaf children the right to “recess, lunch…and …social" activities. This sounds like a back door way to prevent any parent from ever homeschooling his deaf child.

Senate File 190 has been amended and re-introduced as Senate File 445. As of now, the bill is not problematic; instead of creating a new "bill of rights" for deaf children, the bill simply encourages state agencies to create and update recommendations for meeting the educational needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

HSLDA's Position:
Action Requested:

02/09/2011 (Senate) Introduced, referred to Education Committee
02/24/2011 (Senate) Hearing scheduled in Education Subcommittee
03/02/2011 (Senate) Passed by Senate Education Committee
03/10/2011 (Senate) Passed by Senate
03/09/2011 (House) Referred to House Education
03/22/2011 (House) Education Committee recommends passage

This bill failed to exit the House before the session ended, and is now dead.

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