Legislative Bill 933: Change Provisions Relating to Truancy


Last Updated: April 10, 2012
Legislative Bill 933: Change Provisions Relating to Truancy
Senator Ashford

LB 933 amends the recently modified truancy law. When a child is absent more than twenty days per year, districts would only be required to review the case with the county attorney to determine if any further action is necessary. If they determine that further action is necessary, they must meet with the parents of the child before taking further action. Under the current law, districts are required to file a report with the county attorney who may then immediately file truancy charges against the parents of the child.

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01/10/2012     Introduced
01/12/2012     Referred to Judiciary Committee
01/25/2012     Notice of hearing for February 3, 2012
02/02/2012     Hearing canceled
02/03/2012     Notice of hearing for February 13, 2012
02/16/2012     Placed on General File
02/16/2012     Selected by Senator Langemeier as a priority bill
02/29/2012     Amendments 2001 and 2245 adopted
02/29/2012     Advanced to enrollment and initial review
03/07/2012     Amendment ER201 filed
03/27/2012     Amendment ER201 adopted
03/29/2012     Placed on Final Reading
04/02/2012     Passed final reading; Signed by the Chamber President; Sent to the Governor
04/10/2012     Signed into law by the Governor


The current truancy law has caused an increase in criminal prosecutions against families who file exempt school paperwork after the school year has begun.

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