House Bill 4894: Creates Income Tax Deduction for Instruction-Related Homeschool Expenses

South Carolina
South Carolina

Last Updated: June 7, 2012
House Bill 4894: Creates Income Tax Deduction for Instruction-Related Homeschool Expenses
Representatives W. Brian White, Eric M. Bedingfield, Peter M. McCoy, Jr., Dwight A. Loftis, Kenneth A. Bingham, William G. Herbkersman, Steve A. Parker, Don C. Bowen, Shannon S. Erickson, Bill Taylor, G.Murrell Smith, Jr., P. Michael Forrester, Marion B. Frye, Garry R. Smith, James H. Merrill, Tommy M. Stringer, Phillip D. Lowe, Wendy K. Nanney, David Tribble, Jr., Kristoher R. Crawford, Kevin R. Ryan, Thomas D. Corbin, Edward L. Southard, J.Roland Smith, Merita A. Allison, Liston D. Barfield, William M. Chumley, Alan D. Clemmons, J. Derham Cole, Jr., William E. Crosby, F. Gregory Delleney, Jr., Tracy R. Edge, Daniel P. Hamilton, Nelson L. Hardwick, Robert W. Harrell, Jr., James H. Harrison, George M. Hearn, Phyllis Henderson, William M. Hixon, Harry B. Limehouse, Deborah A. Long, James H. Lucas, Dennis C. Moss, Christopher J. Murphy, Ralph W. Norman, Phillip D. Owens, Lewis E. Pinson, Michael A. Pitts, Joshua A. Putnam, Rick Quinn Quinn, J. Gary Simrill, B.R. Skelton, F. Michael Sottile, L. Kit Spires, Edward R. Tallon, Anne J. Thayer, McLain R. Toole, Thad T. Viers, Thomas R. Young, Todd K. Atwater, Chip Huggins, and Andrew S. Patrick

Among other things, this bill would create a state income tax deduction for the instruction-related expenses of each homeschool student up to $2,000.

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Action Requested:
None at this time

02/23/2012     (House)     Introduced and read first time
02/23/2012     (House)     Referred to Committee on Ways and Means
02/29/2012     (House)     Members request name added as sponsor: Patrick
02/28/2012     (House)     Members request name added as sponsor: Atwater, Huggins
03/08/2012     (House)     Favorable report from Committee on Ways and Means with amendment
03/21/2012     (House)     Debate adjourned until 3/22/2012
03/28/2012     (House)     Bill amended
03/28/2012     (House)     Passed second reading in the House 65-49
03/29/2012     (House)     Passed third reading in the House 62-38
04/03/2012     (Senate)     Introduced and read for the first time
04/03/2012     (Senate)     Referred to Finance Committee
05/30/2012     (Senate)     Reported favorably from the Finance Committee with an amendment
06/07/2012     (Senate)     Bill died when legislature adjourned

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