House Bill 41: Provides Tax Credit and County Aid for Nonpublic Education

North Carolina
North Carolina

Last Updated: July 3, 2012
House Bill 41: Provides Tax Credit and County Aid for Nonpublic Education
Representatives Paul Stam, Mike Hager, Jeff Collins, William Brawley, Marilyn Avila, Jeff Barnhart, Hugh Blackwell, John Blust, Glen Bradley, Marcus Brandon, Larry Brown, Justin Burr, George Cleveland, Bill Cook, Jimmy Dixon, John Faircloth, Kelly Hastings, Mark Hilton, D. Craig Horn, Frank Iler, Dan Ingle, Bert Jones, Jonathan Jordan, Ric Killian, Stephen LaRoque, Darrell McCormick, Tim Moffitt, Tom Murry, Shirley Randleman, Norman Sanderson, Phil Shepard, Sarah Stevens, John Torbett, and Harry Warren

This bill would do two things: (1) provide a tax credit to families in the amount of $1,250 per semester for each child enrolled in a nonpublic school (including a homeschool) and (2) authorize counties to pay up to $1,000 per child per year for nonpublic education expenses. The bill states that the tax credit is only available if the child was previously enrolled in a public school for the two semesters immediately preceding the taxable year. This provision would disqualify the vast majority of homeschooling families. Regarding the county aid to nonpublic school students, HSLDA opposes the concept of receiving government money for education.

HSLDA's Position:

This bill should be opposed in its current form. It could be supported if Section 3 authorizing counties to appropriate funds were deleted or changed to a provision for a property tax credit.

Action Requested:
None at this time

02/03/2011     (House)     Filed
02/07/2011     (House)     Passed first reading
02/07/2011     (House)     Referred to the Education Committee, if favorable, then to the Finance Committee
07/03/2012     (House)     Bill died when legislature adjourned

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