House Bill 3407: Creates "South Carolina Educational Opportunity Act"

South Carolina
South Carolina

Last Updated: June 7, 2012
House Bill 3407: Creates "South Carolina Educational Opportunity Act"
Representatives Bill Herbkersman, Phil Owens, Rick Quinn, J. Gary Simrill, Tommy Stringer, Eric Bedingfield, Liston Barfield, Don Bowen, Alan Clemmons, Tom Corbin, Greg Delleney, Dan Hamilton, Nelson Hardwick, James Harrison, Phyllis Henderson, Bill Hixon, Chip Limehouse III, Dwight Loftis, Deborah Long, Phillip Lowe, Peter McCoy, Jr., Dennis Moss, Chris Murphy, Wendy Nanney (Mrs. Timothy Lee), Andy Patrick, Michael Pitts, Kevin Ryan, G. Murrell Smith, Jr. Garry Smith, J. Roland Smith, Mike Sottile, Bill Taylor, Thad Viers, Kris Crawford, L. Kit Spires, David Tribble, Jr., James "Jay" Lucas, Curtis Brantley, Tracy Edge, and Kenneth "Kenny" Bingham

This is a companion bill to Senate Bill 414. This bill would become known as the “South Carolina Educational Opportunity Act.” While homeschools would not participate in the scholarship program that would be established, a parent or guardian of a 5-year-old or a child enrolled in public school the previous year would be eligible for a tax credit up to $1,000 for instruction-related expenses. Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year this tax credit would continue for these students being homeschooled.

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01/20/2011     (House)     Introduction and read for the first time
01/20/2011     (House)     Referred to Ways and Means Committee
01/25/2011     (House)     L. Kit Spires requested that he be added as a sponsor
02/22/2011     (House)     David Tribble, Jr. requested that he be added as a sponsor
03/08/2011     (House)     Mark Willis requested that he be removed as a sponsor
03/10/2011     (House)     James "Jay" Lucas requested that he be added as a sponsor
03/30/2011     (House)     Curtis Brantley requested that he be added as a sponsor
05/17/2011     (House)     Amended and favorably reported from Ways and Means Committee
05/19/2011     (House)     Whitei, Skelton, Hosey, Hiott, Stringer, Loftis, Owens, Parker, J.M. Neal, Herbkersman, Patrick, Ott, Brannon, Sellers, J.E. smith, Atwater, Funderburk, Pinson, Cobb-Hunter, Pitts, and Willis requested debate on the bill
04/19/2011     (House)     Debate adjourned until 5/25/11
05/25/2011     (House)     Tracy Edge and Kenneth "Kenny" Bingham requested that they be added as sponsors
05/25/2011     (House)     Bill tabled 60-59
06/07/2012     (House)     Bill died when legislature adjourned

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